Environmental and Climate Journalists Denounce Supreme Court Appointee Amy Coney Barrett

More than 70 Science and Climate Journalists have written an open letter challenging the Supreme Court Nomination and subsequent confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. One of those journalists is Antonia Juhasz, investigative journalist and host of KGNU’s (Un)Covering Oil. Juhasz spoke to KGNU about the letter she co-organized.

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The letter says that Barrett is a climate denier and as such should not be allowed the opportunity to rule on issues impacting the climate crisis.

“Judge Coney Barrett repeatedly refused to acknowledge the scientific certainty of climate change. This is an untenable position, particularly when the world’s leading climate scholars warned in 2018 that we have just 12 years to act to bring down global average temperature rise and avert the most dire predictions of the climate crisis.”

Antonia Juhasz, says the supreme court has a significant impact on fossil fuel and climate issues.

“One of the first cases that’s going to come up before the Supreme Court, after these key issues of the election which is going to be first, and the ACA which is going to come next, is a case involving some 25 localities and Boulder is one of these, that are suing big oil over their contribution to climate change. And this case that’s going to come before the Supreme Court, it’s already on the docket, is a procedural one that is BP and all the other oil companies which includes Shell, the company which Amy Coney Barrett’s father worked for, it includes Chevron, it includes Exxon, they are trying to get the case out of state courts and into federal court, where they believe they’ll have a better audience, which is probably true. So that will impact our case here and every other case around the country where communities are trying to say these companies hold liability, they hold responsibility, and it’s a way of not only getting money to pay for the damages but also to get these companies to stop contributing to climate change if they’re going to be held liable for it, and she’s going to rule on this case right away.”

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