Black Talk: Joy and Pain

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Today’s guest is Marva Lewis. Dr. Lewis earned a PhD in Sociocultural Psychology, and Associate Professor at Tulane University School of Social Work. She is a former child protection worker, infant mental health psychotherapist, and children’s counselor at a domestic violence shelter. Her research focuses on cultural rituals and routines of hair-combing interaction and parent-infant attachment. This research is the basis for culturally valid, strengths-based community interventions with African-American caregivers and young children. Her forthcoming book, Therapeutic Cultural Routines to Build Family Relationships: Talk, Touch & Listen While Combing Hair© (2021, Springer publishers) is based on this research. She has published and presented her research at national and international meetings, and provides, and organizational diversity. In 2011 she was commissioned by the National Zero to Three Safe Baby Court Teams to provide consultation, coaching, and training on issues of bias, historical trauma of slavery and racial disparities in the child welfare system. She is currently a consultant and member of the National Advisory Board of the Quality Improvement Center for Research-Based Infant-Toddler Court Teams.

Her full Curriculum Vitae is available at

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