Headlines September 24, 2020

Headlines September 24, 2020

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Car Injures Protestor at Denver Justice for Breonna Taylor Rally

Protestors gathered in downtown Denver last night reacting to the news that no police officers were being charged for the death of Breonna Taylor.

The Denverite reports that a woman sustained minor injuries after a driver hit her during the protest.

A car that was driving north on Lincoln St. by the State Capitol approached the crowd. Video posted on social media shows protesters encircling the car, hitting the hood and telling the driver turn around. Others in the crowd were seen shouting at the protesters telling them to stand down. The driver then accelerated, hitting at least one person, a woman who sustained minor injuries.

No Charges for Driver Who Hit Protestor in Aurora

George Brauchler, District Attorney for the 18th Judicial district which includes Aurora, announced Wednesday that the driver of a jeep who drove into a group of protestors this summer will not face charges.

On July 25 as part of the ongoing protests demanding accountability for police in the death of Elijah McClain, demonstrators marched and blocked traffic on I-225.

The driver of a Jeep drove the car into the crowd. Brauchler said that video of the event suggests that the driver attempted to avoid people as he drove through the crowd.

A protester who fired a gun at the Jeep faces several charges including first degree assault with a deadly weapon. He is free on a $75,000 bond.

Brauchler said, if any new evidence that comes to his office suggests the driver of the Jeep committed a crime, he will consider charges.

Boulder County Issues Public Health Order Targeting 18-22 Year Olds

In response to a spike in new cases of COVID-19 tied to CU Boulder, Boulder County Public Health has issued a new Public Health Order targeting 18-22 year olds.

The Order includes two key provisions: Anyone aged 18 to 22 years old anywhere in the City of Boulder may not participate in any gatherings of any size, whether indoors, outdoors, on or off campus, or with individuals of any age.

36 addresses have been identified in the public health order as being hotspots for coronavirus, including fraternity and sorority houses.

Residents of those addresses who have repeatedly engaged in activities that violate public health orders or who live in congregate living situations must stay at their residence at all times.

The Order prohibits all indoor and outdoor gatherings involving or among 18-22-year-old individuals within the City of Boulder, regardless of where they live or whether they are currently enrolled at CU. Young adults this age are permitted to participate in exercise outside if they are alone, study outside alone, and go to work if they don’t live in a residence with stay-at-home requirements. Young adults this age are permitted to interact with members of their household, and those in high school are permitted to participate in school activities.