Headlines September 10, 2020

Headlines September 10, 2020

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New Oil and Gas Setbacks On the Horizon for Colorado

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Wednesday voiced approval for new 2000 foot setbacks for new oil and gas development.

This is significantly more than current setbacks but not as much as had been requested by environmental activists and community members who had been testifying in front of the commission over the past 5 days.

They had urged the commission to require setbacks, as large as 2,500 feet, from schools and homes. Industry representatives have consistently pushed back against efforts to increase setbacks, saying it would drive up costs and limit where companies can drill.

The Denver Post reports that all but one commission member voiced approval for the 2000 foot setback. The current setback is 200 feet from the well, 500 feet in certain residential areas and 1,000 feet from schools. The COGCC staff recommended a minimum setback of 2,000 feet from a school or child care center.

The commission must complete hearings on all the proposed rules before it can make a final vote on increasing setbacks. That vote is expected in late October.

SVVSD Considering Hybrid Learning

Students in the St. Vrain Valley School District may return to some form of in-person learning in October. The Times Call reports that at last night’s SVVSD Board of Directors meeting, Superintendent Don Haddad said any return to in-person instruction must be supported by health data.

A decision is expected to be announced at a virtual community meeting that will include Boulder County Health officials. The meeting is scheduled for September 21, 6-7pm.

Damaged Trees and Power Outages Throughout Metro Area

Thousands of trees were damaged around the metro area over the past two days as a result of the early snowfall.

Several inches of wet heavy snow fell resulting in broken limbs and trees which also took down some power lines and light poles.

Xcel Energy’s outage map showed that at around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning more than 6.500 customers had lost power in the Boulder area.


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