Food Waste Tip #6 – Pasta

We waste tons of food in our home kitchens impacting our environment, economy and health.

John Lehndorff from KGNU’s Radio Nibbles is bringing us weekly tips, practical ways for you to save flavor, save money, feed your neighbors and save the planet in your own home kitchen.

Tip #6: Pasta:

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Pasta is also on the list of foods we throw into landfills the most. What a waste of a great ingredient!

Do this instead:

If you make too much spaghetti, rigatoni or elbows, you can save it for another meal by freezing it on a flat sheet and putting it in a bag. Pull it out, top it with sauce and bake with cheese and you have spaghetti pie for dinner. Chewier noodles are great for pasta salad – the creamy kind or the Mediterranean style – or add noodles to soups or stir frys with vegetables and Asian flavorings.

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