Food Waste Tip #4 – Apples

We waste tons of food in our home kitchens impacting our environment, economy and health.

John Lehndorff from KGNU’s Radio Nibbles is bringing us weekly tips, practical ways for you to save flavor, save money, feed your neighbors and save the planet in your own home kitchen.

Tip #4: Apples:

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Too many millions of pounds of apples grown in the USA never get eaten and are a common item in our trash and compost.

Do this instead:

First, store your apples in a cold, dark and well-ventilated space. Choose good varieties: Avoid mealy Delicious apples, go for tastier firmer Granny Smith and Jonathans.

If you have some apples that are shaped oddly, have a brown spot or imperfections, trim and peel it and simmer in a pan to make apple sauce. You can add apple chunks to smoothies along with the peel which adds a ton of fiber. The cooked apples can be added to oatmeal and baked into breads, cakes and muffins.

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