Election 2020: Proposition 114 – Gray Wolf Reintroduction

Proposition 114 is one of the state-wide ballot measures facing voters this November. It asks voters to approve a state managed gray wolf reintroduction program for the western part of the state.

We speak with Rob Edward of The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund, one of the groups supporting the measure.

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If prop 114 passes, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission would be tasked with:
  • Developing a plan to reintroduce gray wolves “using the best scientific data available”
  • Holding hearings across the state to gather information to be used in developing the plan
  • Updating the plan after obtaining public input periodically
  • Reintroducing wolves on designated lands by December 31, 2023.

Ballot Text: Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning the restoration of gray wolves through their reintroduction on designated lands in Colorado located west of the continental divide, and, in connection therewith, requiring the Colorado parks and wildlife commission, after holding statewide hearings and using scientific data, to implement a plan to restore and manage gray wolves; prohibiting the commission from imposing any land, water, or resource use restrictions on private landowners to further the plan; and requiring the commission to fairly compensate owners for losses of livestock caused by gray wolves?