Election 2020: Amendment B – Gallagher Amendment Repeal

Amendment B is a state-wide ballot initiative that asks voters to repeal the Gallagher Amendment.

The Gallagher Amendment, approved by voters in 1982, requires that residential property not account for any more than 45% of the revenue generated by property tax in the whole state of Colorado. Opponents of the Gallagher Amendment say this has significantly impacted funding for local authorities, particularly for education. Amendment B would repeal the Gallagher Amendment.

KC Becker, speaker of the state house of representatives, speaks in favor of Amendment B and Bob Hullinghorst, former Boulder County Treasurer, speaks against Amendment B.

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Ballot text: Without increasing property tax rates, to help preserve funding for local districts that provide fire protection, police, ambulance, hospital, kindergarten through twelfth-grade education, and other services, and to avoid automatic mill levy increases, shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution to repeal the requirement that the general assembly periodically change the residential assessment rate in order to maintain the statewide proportion of residential property as compared to all other taxable property valued for property tax purposes and repeal the nonresidential property tax assessment rate of twenty-nine percent?