Food Waste Tip #1 – Bread

We waste tons of food in our home kitchens impacting our environment, economy and health.

John Lehndorff from KGNU’s Radio Nibbles is bringing us weekly tips, practical ways for you to save flavor, save money, feed your neighbors and save the planet in your own home kitchen.

Tip #1: Bread:

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We literally throw out a ton of still edible bread and baked products every week. Do this instead:
First off, store loaves properly so they never spoil. Bread freezes well especially if you are mainly using it for toast. Day old and dry bread – whether its sourdough, English muffins or tortillas and bread heels, pieces, and crusts cut off sandwiches, they are essential ingredients in some great dishes. Slices can be used for avocado toast, bruschetta and crostini appetizers, covered in cheese atop French onion soup or used for French toast. Stale bread run through a blender become crumbs for use in meatloaf, atop mac-n-cheese, and for crusting salmon or eggplant. Cut into cubes, bread can become croutons for salad or part of the Italian bread and tomato salad, Panzanella, or used in bread stuffing for turkey. My favorite is using chunks of various breads in bread pudding soaked in a custard of egg and milk and sweetness.

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