Activism and Entrepreneurship

Tiya Ashantia Trent is a 41-year resident of Colorado, growing up in Colorado Springs, then spending time up North in Longmont and now currently residing in Denver for the last 10 years. She has been a lifelong advocate for children, youth, and minority families. She began her child advocacy career at the Excelsior Youth Centers and went on to be a TRIO Support Service counselor at CU Boulder. She currently serves as the Program Facilitator for Project VOYCE Denver overseeing areas of need such as food, housing, financial assistance, and educational programs for marginalized communities of color. She’s also a community activist serving as one of the founding organizers of the March 4 Black Women Denver.

Tiya speaks with KGNU’s Tish Beaford about fulfilling her passion for children and community activism and becoming an entrepreneur launching her own business, Patty Bakes in 2019. She always knew that she had a love for cooking and baking which came to her naturally and started baking at an early age, with her late mother, Patty.

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Now, as a mother with her own children, not only did she want to share her passion of cooking and baking from scratch with them, she also wanted to share her gift with others. She loves feeding people and seeing the joy on their faces when they take that first bite of something she created as a labor of love. She also sees this as way to continue to give back and contribute.

Tiya serves as founder, head chef and CEO of Patty Bakes serving Colorado. Her future plans are to expand her business to include mentorship and internship youth programs.

For more information about Project VOYCE and Patty Bakes go to:  Instagram: @pattybakes2019, Facebook: Patty Bakes