Radio Nibbles: Re-Awakenings and Re-Openings

John Lehndorff joins us from his home pantry in Louisville. As we approach this very different July 4th weekend, there is a lot of local food news to report.

Listen to the report:

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Food News:

  • Colorado has shut down all bars for in-person service through July – just ones that don’t have access to food – but most of Boulder’s tasting rooms so have access. Some like Lafayette’s Front Range Brewery are brewpubs and have kitchens and others have food trucks.
  • Johnson & Wales University in Denver – the state’s major culinary school – is closing next year.
  • There have also been significant layoffs and furloughs at Boulder’s Brewers Association.
  • Remember when Chipotle Mexican Grill was local company with a green sensibility? Not so much anymore. The California company is now opening drive-thrus in Colorado.


The FTC is reporting sales of an official-looking card that exempts customers from wearing a mask because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is bogus.


More Re-Awakenings and Re-Openings:

  • Seeds Library Cafe has reopened in the park outside the Library’s Canyon entrance 11 to 5 Monday through Friday.
  • The Urban Farm Stand has reopened in the gas station at Arapahoe and Broadway offering coffee, baked goods including hand pies and donuts, and flowers.
  • The venerable Zolo Grill has reopened in a reinvented form focusing on Colorado ingredients
  • Happy 34th Anniversary to the even older, more venerable and slightly pickled Rio Grande Restaurant.

Sourdough Solution:

  • Louisville’s great Izzio Bakery is now offering its Premium Bread Flour online for rolls, pizza crust and loaves. Order at:
  • You can also get freshly ground local heirloom flour at Moxie Bread Company in Boulder and Louisville and Dry Storage in Boulder.

The best thing John’s tasted this week:

Ice cream: Little Man, High Point, The Walrus, Sweet Cow

You can read John’s story about the best plant-based fast food burgers at