Radio Nibbles: A Visit to Tierra y Fuego Taqueria

John Lehndorff and Sam Fuqua visit the newly opened Tierra y Fuego Taqueria to speak with Pepe Diaz, one of the owners of the restaurant. We’ll hear about the restaurant’s history as a CSA farm and how Tierra y Fuego Taqueria managed to open during a pandemic when so many other food establishments are closing.

Listen to the interview:

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Tierra y Fuego, located at 4550 Broadway in North Boulder, opened after the popularity of the family’s food truck at the Diaz Farm overwhelmed the space.

Pepe and his wife Veronica were almost ready to open Tierra y Fuego in March when the pandemic hit and they questioned whether or not to pull the plug on their plans.

“One thing that I had in my mind,” says Pepe, “was that even in a pandemic people are still going to want good food. No matter how hard the times are if we make our food delicious and affordable people will still come.”

They were right. After opening June 9th with take-out as well as socially distanced indoor and patio seating Tierra y Fuego is doing well. You can find out more at


(Photo Credit: Pepe Diaz)