Challenges Facing Children in the Navajo Nation due to COVID-19

Dr. Maria Michael joins us to share some insight into the emotional and mental health struggles children in the Navajo Nation are facing due to the loss of loved ones to COVID-19 and historic health inequities. Dr. Michael, a Lakota Diné spiritual leader, is working to raise funds for Diné (Navajo) and Hopi reservations. She says young people are particularly impacted because so many of their relatives have fallen sick and died.

“For the children, it is especially hard because they don’t understand what is happening, they’re losing aunties, they’re losing uncles, they’re losing parents and they don’t understand this invisible virus that is just hitting the reservation.”

Listen to the report here:

Dr. Maria Michael is raising money and collecting donations to help the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Reservations. Find out how to help here.