Motus Theater Event Lets Audience Explore Sanctuary Through Performance

Artist and Activist Rosa Sabido Rosa outside the Mancos United Methodist Church where she has lived in sanctuary for over two years

Invisible Lines is Motus Theater’s new experiment in audience-interactive theater that shares stories of immigrants in sanctuary, where the audience becomes part of the story and the solution.

Listen to the story below:

It features the work of Rosa Sabido who has been writing poems from her site in sanctuary in Mancos, Colorado for this project. She is writing a poem to honor each of the people in sanctuary across our nation whose story is being shared as part of the Invisible Lines performance.

The stage is set for the beginning of the Invisible Lines performances at the Motus Theater in Boulder.

Kirsten Wilson, MOTUS theater’s artistic director told KGNU that one of the invisible lines here in the country is the Southern border.

“It’s not a real border. It was created actually by the actions of the border patrol (they) have created the border. It was fluid for most of this country, its founding and it allowed people to come and go and work and see family. It allowed people who are indigenous to this area, much more indigenous than the Europeans that have colonized it to return home to their family lands and ancestral lands.”

Wilson says she wants the audience members to explore the idea of sanctuary through the performance.

“There’s also many of us at a different time in our life (that) needed refuge. We needed a place of safety and so we know the importance of that, and we know that importance as a community because in our history, our government and our democracy has improved because there have been people who have declared sanctuary when laws had been unjust, whether that’s underground railroad or the sanctuary churches in the 1980s and 90s.”

Invisible Lines: Audience Engaged Theater Reflecting on Sanctuary 
March 5th-8th | 2pm & 7pm Dairy Arts Center, Grace Gamm Theater