Theatre Review: “Bubble Boy” a Kitschy Joy from Equinox Theatre

Equinox Theatre Company opened their latest off-beat smash musical, “Bubble Boy: The Musical” at the Bug Theatre in January. The show runs through February 15, and KGNU’s Crystal Clear offers this review.

“Bubble Boy: The Musical” fits snugly into the Equinox Theatre wheelhouse of kitschy energetic musicals. While attending the opening night, the audience was audibly delighted by the awkward tale of a boy completely isolated in said bubble and upon meeting a falling in love a girl manages to break from the safe sheltered environment and attempt a quest to woo his love interest across the country. Include an awful overprotective mother and an invisible father and a merry go round of side characters that make his quest possible and you have a light enjoyable romp. The set and costumes are minimal which offers the cast more room to sing and sing they do. Honorable mention goes to our lead Carter Edward Smith playing Jimmy who has exceptional singing skills. The rest of the cast was well balanced and diverse in terms of ethnicity and shape which is always to be applauded and got a special comedic nod a couple of times throughout the performance. There is a live band so the music is truly on display. If you enjoyed the actual film Bubble Boy you will enjoy this zany rendition of it. Playing till the 15th at the independent and beloved Bug Theatre. For more information visit