Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam Brings Diverse Puppetry to the Ellie Caulkins

Katy Williams Design presents the Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on Friday night, February 28. The Puppet Slam is a curated evening of fun and different forms of puppetry. The event was created by Katy Williams of Katy Williams design. Katy has earned a name for herself in the Denver theatre scene for her innovative use of puppets in various shows, and she looks forward to the growth of puppetry as a performance art form. In fact, she was instrumental in reforming the Rocky Mountain Puppetry Guild, to do just that. KGNU’s Veronica Straight-Lingo spoke with Katy WIlliams about how she chose puppetry as an expressive medium and about what you can catch at the Puppet Slam.