Booktalk: Luke Geddes’s “Heart of Junk”

Debut novelist Luke Geddes’s Heart of Junk takes us to the Heart of American Antique Mall in Wichita, Kansas. Vacant booths and dwindling shoppers foreshadow a bleak fate for this mall. But an upcoming visit from the famed television show Pickin’ Fortunes stars Mark and Grant could turn everything around.

Meanwhile, the dealers are too preoccupied by their eBay bidding wars, Barbie collections, and the new rule-breakers in booth #1-146 to notice the citywide panic over the abduction of toddler pageant princess Lindy Bobo.



Luke Geddes, who has a PhD in comparative literature and creative writing, is a professor in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s also a collector and argues that “junk” can have great value—connecting us not only to our personal pasts but to our shared human history.

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