Positive People – Brad Feld

Brad Feld is a Boulder-based quintessential serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the Managing Director of the Foundry Group, an early venture investment firm, a co-founder of TechStars, a highly regarded global startup accelerator, and a champion of the tech startup culture in Boulder, CO. At 22 he sold his first company just after MIT kicked him out of the Ph.d. program.



He saved his marriage from collapse in his early career of maniacal devotion to startup life by negotiating life rules. He has fought against the stigma of depression and faced off against it himself. His wife Amy Bachelor is his trusted companion and partner.  They wrote a book about surviving as a couple in the entrepreneurial world. In fact Brad is a prolific writer and has written about every important facet of a startup entrepreneur’s life. He shuns praise and is remarkably open to engaging at any level that the community invites him to.

Recently Brad spoke with Sam Sussman and Raj Rawat as part of their “Positive People” series.