OutSources: CO State House Rep Alex Valdez, LGBTQ Caucus Chair

CO State House Rep Alex Valdez, Chair of LGBTQ Caucus, discusses some of last sessions highlights for legislation on behalf of the LBGTQ community. He also points out the vigilance needed particularly at the federal level on rollbacks of trans rights. His goal is to make Colorado from the hate state to the landmark legislation state with LGBTQ representation at all levels of government. Rep. Valdez highlighted two upcoming bills for the legislative session: PREP prescriptions directly from pharmacists and eliminating a “trans panic defense” in court for attacks on trans members of our community. Rep. Valdez noted ways everyone can get involved in small ways and why it is key. He explained his hardest challenges and what he does for fun when he gets away from the pressure cooker that is our citizen legislature. Finally, he urges us to ‘stay local’ in our focus on the many changes that are taking place and to be vigilant, so they stay the way we want.

Speaking of staying vigilant: don’t miss a special 5 minutes of Resistance Radio on the news blog. Our friend, Drag Queen Shirley Delta Blow, was at the center of the controversy at Lafayette’s library for Drag Queen Story Hour. Despite it being Shirley’s fifth story presentation, this one got protested. Nonetheless over 200 people showed up to support the families for story hour including the Parasol Patrol, Lafayette mayor and city councilors, OutBoulder, allies, and parents. For story and photos see: https://news.kgnu.org/2020/01/community-members-shield-lafayette-drag-queen-story-hour-attendees-from-protesters/ . See the KGNU OutSources archives or the OutSources newsblog for two full interviews with Shirley.