OutSources – Chasing the queer imagination: A conversation with John Paul Brammer

OutSources producer Sean Kenney speakers with writer and artist John Paul Brammer, who writes an advice column called ¡Hola Papi!, and runs a Twitter account with over 120,000 followers. John Paul discusses the importance of queer online communities, and the complexities of identity, belonging, and queerness that he encounters in his art and writing.

For more information about John Paul Brammer and his work, you can visit his website (http://johnpaulbrammer.com/) or Twitter page (https://twitter.com/jpbrammer). You can also subscribe to the ¡Hola Papi! advice column (https://holapapi.substack.com/) discussed during the interview.

Music credits: Ludovic Alarie – Comme un rêve; FKJ – Leave my home.