Historic Hotel Boulderado Unveils Christmas Tree for the Season

The iconic stained glass ceiling over the mezzanine at the hotel Boulderado.

The Hotel Boulderado is getting ready to celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2019 and has its eye on the future as it celebrates its past.

Hotel staff adorn the 28 foot tree in the lobby of the Boulderado on Monday November 19.

The hotel has been a staple in the downtown area that has seen many changes over the last century. As a member of the national Historic Hotel Association it is considered an iconic historic building in Colorado.

Every holiday season it unveils a giant Christmas tree in its lobby. The tree is unveiled on Thanksgiving Day and marks the start of the holiday season at the hotel which opened its doors on New Year’s Day 1909.

Michele Rittgers, Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel says that the history of the hotel and the history of the city are intrinsically linked.

“I’d like to personify the hotel in saying it’s the spokesbuilding of Boulder. The building has been here since 1909 and everybody knows the Boulderado in Boulder…I think our role is to maintain not only the history of Boulder but to forge forward into the future and help Boulder grown and become an even better city than it already is.”