Radio Documentary: FLOWS Biochar Workshop

Featured Image: The FLOWS team learns the burn barrel method for making biochar from expert Michael Alcazar

As part of our ongoing series with the Foundations for Leaders Organizing for Water and Sustainability, KGNU’s Hannah Leigh Myers joined the FLOWS team for a biochar workshop and learned how to make this nutrient-rich, carbon-sequestering material that has the potential to combat environmental degradation. 


“FLOWS decided to look at biochar which is this amazing solution [environmental degradation] that was cultivated by indigenous people in the Amazon for at least the last 8,000 years. It’s an amazing soil amendment,” says FLOWS Founder and Assistant Director for Energy & Climate Justice at CU Boulder’s Environmental Center, Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish.“As a simple technology biochar has the capacity to help sequester several gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.” 


For a deeper dive into the history and science of biochar listen in on permaculturalist Michael Alacar’s classroom biochar lesson below 


FLOWS is currently accepting applications from Boulder residents with low/moderate incomes interested in becoming technicians for the program. Residents will receive green job skills training and a stipend for their participation. Find out more at

This FLOWS radio series is made possible by a grant from Boulder County