Hope Lights the Night: Remembering Those Lost to Suicide

On Wednesday November 20 the 11th annual Hope Lights the Night candle light service takes place in Boulder at the Community United Church of Christ. It’s an event to remember those lost to suicide and to honor the bereaved and all touched by suicide.



The Hope Lights the Night event was created by Susan Marine after she lost her two children to suicide and the feeling of isolation that ensued.

“I felt alienated perhaps but my faith community was very supportive and that was absolutely crucial for me when my son died 16 years ago. I just was so totally overwhelmed with despair and anger about how that could happen and I didn’t understand what kind of support I would get if I reached out to people when four years later our daughter died. We opened our house and let it be known to our friends and members of our faith community that we would like to have visitors. And I think that that is so important because if you don’t reach out to other people you’re depriving yourself of the support that you can get.”

Jackie Hibbard an Ordained Minister in the Community United Church of Christ in Boulder will lead the non-denominational event on Wednesday.

“I’ve officiated more funerals and memorial services than I care to remember. For people who have taken their own life and then supporting the families and the loved ones as they wrestle with why and what could I have done and how did I miss it. And you know all of those kinds of questions that people ask. And so really I see a lot of people who are looking to the church their faith community whatever to help them answer those questions and at the end of the day there’s oftentimes not a thing you could have done not a sign you could have missed it’s just people make up their mind and it happens sometimes. So sitting and offering support and listening and offering some hope.”

The 11th annual Hope Lights the Night event takes place Wednesday November 20th at 7pm at the Community United Church of Christ in Boulder on Table Mesa Drive. The event is non-denominational, attendees are encouraged to bring a photo of their loved one to post.

Resources for those in crisis

If facing an emergency: Call 911

Mental Health Partners: To request services, 303-443-8500; walk-in center, 3180 Airport Road, Boulder, 303-447-1665

COACT Colorado’s crisis hotline: 844-493-8255 (TALK) or, text “TALK” to 38255

National hotline: 800-SUICIDE or 800-784-2433