After Image with Michael J. Casey Reviews “Waves”, “HoneyBoy” and “Marriage Story”, Interviews “Waves” Filmmaker Trey Edward Shults

In this movie review segment, KGNU’s Veronica Straight-Lingo speaks with Boulder Weekly Film Correspondent Michael J. Casey about films, including “Waves”, an immersive family drama by filmmaker Trey Edward Shults, “Honey Boy” a semi-autobiographical piece written by Shia LeBouf, as well as “Marriage Story” screening at Landmark’s Mayan Theater and on Netflix starting December 6.

During After Image, Michael Casey talked about his impressions of “Waves”, an epic, immersive family drama. It’s the latest film by Director Trey Edward Shults, and earlier this month, Michael Casey had an opportunity to sit down with Trey Edward Shults while he was in town for the Denver International Film Festival!