Sustainability Leadership From The Grassroots: Elizabeth Achulo

KGNU is partnering with FLOWS, a sustainability leadership and climate action group based out of CU Boulder for a new series on grassroots sustainability. We’re sharing the stories of FLOWS leaders and how their culturally diverse and often international backgrounds make them, and the communities they work with, valuable assets to the sustainability movement.



Elizabeth Achulo was born in South Sudan and forced to flee her country as a child due to civil war that lasted for more than two decades. Although her life story contains many memories of hardship and struggle, she says her past taught her how to approach the threat of climate change with a sustainable lifestyle she feels is directly linked to sustainable happiness.

“We want all these things to make us happy but in the end do they really make you happy? Now thinking about it and going to school and seeing all the things we do to mother earth in order to make us happy, [I believe] we are actually depleting what is actually suppose to make us happy in the first place which is mother earth.” – Elizabeth Achulo

FLOWS is currently accepting applications from Boulder residents with low/moderate incomes interested in becoming technicians for the program. Residents will receive green job skill training and a stipend for their participation. Find out more at

This FLOWS radio series is made possible by a grant from Boulder County.