Boulder City Council Candidates Yates, McCord, Cure

There are 15 candidates seeking election to Boulder City Council in 2019. In this forum, moderated by Roz Brown, we hear from Bob Yates, Nikki McCord and Paul Cure.



l-r: Cure, McCord, Yates

Bob Yates was elected to Boulder City Council in 2015 and is seeking another four-year term. He is the only lawyer currently serving on council. Yates has said he seeks to represent community members and issues he wants to ensure are heard, including working families, small business owners, arts and culture organizations, human services and historic preservation. He also cited his perspective as a fiscal conservative.

Nikki McCord runs her own consulting business that provides governance, diversity and recruitment services to both for-profit and nonprofit groups and leads diversity and inclusion initiatives for organizations. She is running to improve the city’s infrastructure, including affordable housing and transportation and cites affordable housing as her priority. McCord serves on the Boulder Housing Partners board, and the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council.

Paul Cure moved to Boulder from Michigan in 1996 and co-founded the first organic farm to lease Boulder-owned open space land dedicated to agriculture. He owns Mea Culpa Productions, which hosts a quarterly series of conversations titled, “We Need to Talk” at the Dairy Arts Center. He is vice president of Historic Boulder. He cites the city-proposed redevelopment project at Balsam and Alpine as a key issue facing the city.


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