Boulder City Council Candidates: McIntyre, Peterson, Swetlik

There are 15 candidates seeking election to Boulder City Council in 2019. In this forum, moderated by Roz Brown, we hear from Mark McIntyre, Susan Peterson and Adam Swetlik.




Mark McIntyre graduated from the University of Colorado. He has worked in the solar power industry and started an engineering sales business that he recently sold after 32 years. His public sector experience includes serving on Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board. He has also volunteered for the local West Trail Study Area Community Collaborative Group, the city’s Campaign Finance Working Group and the Transportation Funding Working Group.

Susan Peterson is a recently retired professional engineer and business executive, where she led teams in structural engineering, electronic design automation, telecommunications and renewable energy. She founded the business sales program at Renewable Choice Energy, where she played a role in selling wind energy certificates to Whole Foods. Peterson is a former PLAN-Boulder County board member and former chair of Boulder’s Thorne Ecological Institute.

Adam Swetlik is a 2010 graduate of the University of Colorado. He works in sales, marketing and operations for a Boulder honey business called Bjorn’s Colorado Honey and is a marketing consultant for other companies. He previously worked at an open source hardware company, SparkFun Electronics, and at the Walrus Saloon. Swetlik’s public sector experience includes serving as a member and now chair of the Boulder Housing Advisory Board.