End of Life: Living With The Truth

How would you respond to the news that you are dying?  There are many factors that figure into anyone’s reaction but high on the list are the state of a person’s mind and heart.  In this show, we’ll talk to end-of-life professionals who support people as they learn they are dying and as they fight to live or find their way to peace.



photo: l-r: Grant Marylander, Kim Mooney, Tony Hunter.

As part of our end of life series, co-hosts Maeve Conran and Kim Mooney (practically-dying.com) are joined by guests Grant Marylander, a palliative care chaplain and care coordinator for Boulder Community Health. Marylander is also a grief counselor and an attorney who focuses on advance care planning; Tony Hunter has been in ministry for over 16 years as a church pastor, a hospital chaplain and is currently a hospice chaplain with Elevation Hospice.