OutSources – Closing the Gap: The Turning Point for LGBTQ Health?

One Colorado Executive Director Daniel Ramos and Policy Director, Cara Cheevers,presented the 2018 survey of LGBTQ health issues, “Closing the Gap: The Turning Point for LGBTQ Health.” This information is a follow up to their inaugural survey in 2011 on a wide range of LGBTQ health issues and the first of its kind in Colorado. They present highlights of the report in the areas of access to health care, personal health and well-being, and gender affirming care. Daniel and Cara compare the results over the seven-year span from the data and from the context of new policy and law. They supply some of the 21-member Advisory Committee recommendations for needed changes in health care providers, policy, and our own community.

This is followed by additional thoughts of panel members, Rita Lee, MD, Associate Professor for Internal Medicine and practitioner/internist at CU School of Medicine, Sarah Burgamy, PsyD, licensed psychologist at Phoenix Rise, CU School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital, (both 2011 and 2018 survey Advisory Committee members) and Sable Schultz, MA, Transgender Program Manager at the Center on Colfax. Cara asks them about what surprised them in the data, how the data will inform their work, what they would do if they had a magic wand, and what next steps we should each take.

To see the report, go to the Publications section of the One Colorado website One-colorado.org or https://one-colorado.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Closing_The_Gap_2018-LGBTQ-Health-Assessment_FINAL_5.17.19.pdf

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