Health Symposium Highlights Link Between Health and Housing Inequity

July 24th through the 26th the Colorado Health Symposium brought together a wide verity of experts in Keystone, Colorado to discuss the connection between people’s living situation and their health, the statewide housing crisis, and the housing inequity that still exists in Colorado today. KGNU’s Hannah Leigh Myers spoke with Emily Johnson, Director of Policy Analysis at The Colorado Health Institute about a new report she’s part of that focused on these issues. First we hear from the President and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation which host the Colorado Health Symposium, Karen McNeil-Miller.

Having a stable, safe place to live mitigates physical conditions, like heart conditions, that may be caused by stress. Certainly if you’re able to live in safe place with clean air and not be limited because of your income to pollution areas or an area with high toxins in the area all those things have physical health outcomes to them. So that connection of housing and health is real for all of us.” – Karen McNeil-Miller, President and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation.