Northern Arapaho Youth Delegation Arrives in Longmont

Celebrations took place in Longmont this past weekend welcoming a youth delegation from the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming as part of the historic twinning of the Northern Arapaho and the city of Longmont.




Longmont is also sister cities with Cuidad Guzman, Mexico and Chino, Japan but the relationship with the Northern Arapaho of Wind River Reservation in Wyoming is significant because it is the first sister city relationship to occur inside the boundaries of the United States.


Janice Rebhan, President of Longmont Sister Cities told KGNU that they have been meeting with the Northern Arapaho in the hope of creating a better relationship and to welcome them home “the first step is to have a youth exchange so we have 6 students visiting from Wyoming and we paired them with local Longmont students to have some fun together, get to know each other and hopefully create more understanding.”