Wildland Firefighters in Boulder Encourage Homeowners to do Fire Mitigation

The City of Boulder Fire Department is launching a new program to encourage residents on the western edge of the city to do fire mitigation on their property. Jamie Carpenter, the Wildland Operations Specialist with the City of Boulder’s Fire Department, says there are several things homeowners can do to help protect their property.



“The top three things that we ask people to do to be prepared for wildland fire first of all is to create defensible space around their home and property starting at the perimeter of their home and then building materials and then moving out in concentric circles from the home itself and making decisions about vegetation and combustible materials within that. Starting at 5 feet and then moving out from the house and also having a conversation with their neighbors about how they can work together to help prepare their homes.”

Carpenter says people should sign up for emergency notifications, as well as create an emergency evacuation plan. More information on signing up for emergency notifications can be found on their official website.

More information, including the City of Boulder Wildland Fire Preparedness Guide can be found here.

Initially the neighborhoods being targeted by the curb-side home assessment project include approximately 1200 homes on the western edge of the city. The free on-site home evaluations are available by calling 303-441-4355 or emailing wildfire-help@BoulderColorado.gov