The GNU Brew – Raising a Glass for KGNU

KGNU and Zuni Street Brewing Company have created a special celebration beer, the GNU Brew, which will be on tap at a special ‘Brew-Raiser’ on Friday May 17 from 7pm to Midnight at Zuni’s brewery in Denver.



Willy Truettner, one of the co-founders of Zuni Street Brewing in Denver, says Denver is home to a thriving brewing scene. “I think that we’re close to 100 breweries now, just in Denver. And yeah, I think that the landscape is what people are seeing or what we’re seeing is that it’s turning into just the local neighborhood brewery where trying to get your beer in bottles, trying to get it distributed out to liquor stores, trying to reach that in the market is just way too competitive and way too hard to make a foothold, make a stand. So what we’re doing and what we see a lot of breweries in the area doing is just focusing on on premise sales, just trying to get people into the bar and buy the beer here as opposed to hiring a sales staff and hiring and buying a bottling line and doing all these extra things that cost more money and more time and more people that may not necessarily equate to success.”

Zuni Street Brewing is partnering with KGNU in creating a pale ale that will be on tap during KGNU’s anniversary celebration on May 17th. KGNU volunteers and staff participated in the brewing process to create the Gnu Brew pale ale that will be on tap at the event that goes from 7pm at  Zuni Street Brewing.



The ‘Brew-Raiser‘ happens on Friday May 17, from 7pm – Midnight. KGNU DJs will be spinning tunes from 1978 in celebration of this anniversary beer. They will all be spinning only vinyl!

DJs will include:
DJ DeepRawk
Erin Stereo
Old Man G.G.