End of Life Series: Conscious Transitions From Life to Death

Just imagining the idea of dying may be too much for some people, but there are others who want to know how to make the process less frightening and more significant. We can all work toward having a more present death experience that both informs our lives and nurtures a meaningful transition. There are events and pathways to that goal, and in this show, we explore some of the things you can do to step over that threshold with more intention and control and wonder.

Kim Mooney, an end of life educator, and Maeve Conran, KGNU News Director are co-hosts of the quarterly end of life series on KGNU. Today’s guests are Ellen Winner, a Shaman, and Rob Colbert, The Nowak Society, which promotes using psylicybin mushrooms to help people fear death less.

Photo l-r: Ellen Winner, Kim Mooney.