Conflicts Of Color, Documenting The Ongoing Struggle Of Race Identity

Rebekah Henderson, director of multiple short documentaries, is currently creating her first feature documentary project, “Running With My Girls.” With the rise of politically diverse voices emerging across the country, including a surge in women of color pursuing office on every level, nationally to locally, it is becoming increasingly vital that there be dedicated journalists and documentarians recording the first drafts of this Revolution’s history.



She speaks with KGNU’s Tish Beauford about race and identity and how the complications around these issues, particularly in Colorado, drive Henderson’s work. She is part of the “Loving Generation” biracial children born after the famous Supreme Court case Loving Vs. Virginia 1967 which made intermarriage between Blacks and Whites legal nation wide. Her husband is also a child born of the “Loving Generation”. She has one son who will be turning four this summer.

In 2018 Rebekah founded TanTigress Productions LLC a production company with a focus on race and identity. She explores these topics through film and podcasts in an effort to highlight people who are putting in work in their communities as well as inspire people to have uncomfortable conversations. Her second film, “All Mixed Up: Our Changing Racial Identities” focuses on the experience of mixed race people. The 40 minute film has screened in a variety of settings, theaters, university classrooms and libraries in Denver, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and East Brunswick New Jersey. She currently hosts Off Color Podcast, as well as the new streaming show Off Color powered by Versa Colorado, which is a start up media company that produces progressive content. She also works closely with Stories Not Forgotten founder, Trish Tolentino on producing, directing and writing commercials for local campaigns and businesses.