Boulder’s 3D Spotlight: Parents as Teachers

Today’s show looks at Parents as Teachers a free Boulder County Program to uplift pre-school children with guests Angela Lanci Macris, Division Director, Case Management and Community Outreach, Boulder County Housing and Human Services, and Elaan Budno, Program Manager, Parents as Teachers.



In this program, Ms. Macris and Ms. Brudno describe why they have a dedicated team of highly qualified bilingual professionals who serve our community. How they go into homes to reach children who are off the regular learning or developmental path, and they share the stories of helping families accelerate learning for their children before they enter structured pre-school programs.

They show how they make an impact on the children’s, parent’s, and community’s lives. You will find inspiration and positivity in the extraordinary commitment and compassion of the program administrators and the teams that serve the families.

Scientists and educators agree that a sound early-education foundation can greatly advantage or handicap learning skills from the very start of structured pre-school education.

On Boulder’s 3D-Spotlight radio show, we bring a three-dimensional perspective, role models, tools, and resources, to solve problems today. We do it to serve, uplift, and inspire with co-hosts Raj Rawat and Sam Sussman.