ART Talk: Todd Reed

Being an artist. Doing commerce. Living in a Community. How do you integrate all in your life?

A R T Talk visits Todd Reed, internationally known Boulder jeweler, at his studio on 2015 Pearl Street, Boulder and heard about his journey.

Todd’s organic and unique approach using colored conflict free diamonds and recycled materials have established him as a forerunner in his field.

I don’t really have any limitation or interest in trend. I am making what I want to make and hoping that it’s going to hit. — Todd Reed



About A R T Talk: Artists in Boulder are often challenged by a competitive and not so supportive environment. In an effort to bring greater awareness for the arts in Boulder and strengthen and celebrate our own art community, we are working on a radio series called “A R T Talk”. It is hosted by one of Boulder’s long time art curators, Susan Knickle and is produced by Yukari Miyamae.

A R T Talk shares “shop talk” by artists, local and beyond. Susan encourages lively interchanges between artists about techniques, approaches, and their mediums and concepts along with their experiences with the arts in their community. We are currently planning a series of six interviews with unique and local artists who work in many mediums (i.e sculptors, jewelers, ceramicists, painters, installation artists, etc.) some of whom literally travel to the ends of the earth seeking creative experiences.