Nowruz – The Persian New Year

Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is the secular celebration of the Spring Equinox that is observed by 300 Million people around the world.



Last Friday, the cultural advocacy group, Persian Cultural Circle, hosted the 4th annual Persian breakfast at the Colorado State Capitol in honor of Nowruz. The event focused on the art of Persian hospitality but also presented traditional music, dance and visual arts. Nushin Farjadi, founder of Persian Cultural Circle, told KGNU’s Sarah Shirazi that Nowruz has a message of unity and growth and is an inclusive celebration.

“Our ancient culture goes back to thousands of years, and it is inclusive thanks to the great Cyrus the Great of Persia. He was the first one who pioneered the first human rights charter, and he was the one who said that all are equal, men and women, people of different ethnicity, colors, races and religions.”

For the coming year, the Persian Cultural Circle plans to be invested in several different dance festivals and multicultural festivals. They’re currently speaking with other organizations figuring out how they can bring their arts, dance and poetry to other ceremonies and celebrations around the state.