International Women’s Day: Women and Climate Change

The Women’s Collaborative of Boulder County is hosting an event on March 8, 2019, in  honor of International Women’s Day, to highlight how women are specifically impacted by climate change.



Zuza Bohley, with the United Nations Association and with Americas for Conservation and the Arts, says women are more adversely affected by climate change “because they are usually the ones that care for the family in issues of water, sanitation, food supply as well as education. All of those aspects that are part of the sustainable development goals are interconnected and women are the leading change makers and holders of these responsibilities.”

Kay Meyer with Zonta International says that historically women haven’t had a seat at the table when it comes to enacting policy around climate change, but she sees that changing. “I think that in terms of problem solving, we have to get the people who know what the problems are in order to solve them.”

The Women’s Collaborative of Boulder County is holding an event on women and climate change, March 8th to honor two Boulder County women who have worked on climate policy to improve the lives of women and families around the globe.

Women’s Day started in 1909 in the US when the socialist party of America honored women in celebrating the one year anniversary of the garment workers strike. Internationally it was first celebrated in 1911 in Europe when more than a people rallied to proclaim the right of women to hold political office and vote.

The Women’s Collaborative of Boulder County is a non-partisan, non-sectarian coalition with over 20 participating non-profit organizations, plus individuals. Its mission is to support and enable coordination of the education and advocacy efforts of existing Boulder County organizations in order to better promote policy that fosters the well-being of Colorado women and families.