Create Inspire Repeat

The second ever Create Inspire Repeat, Music, Art and Poetry All Day Festival,  will be happening at the Co-Op on 1st in Denver this Sunday March 24. Maeve Conran caught up with Matthew Fisher, coordinator of the series who says he hopes this to be a monthly event.


“It’s about bringing together the local community and sharing local artists, local musicians and local businesses.” to bring together community and share creativity. This all day event will host workshops, classes, artists and musicians. This will be a drug and alcohol free event and family friendly.  Fisher says that there is a thriving art community in Denver neighborhoods and this is an opportunity to bring different artists together with the community. “It inspires people, it gets people together, it’s just a way to share expression.”

Find out more about the March 24 event and the future monthly CIR events at their facebook page.