A New Social Network: iDook

The Watson Institute is a Boulder based incubator that brings innovators and social entrepreneurs from around the world to Boulder where they receive mentorship and coaching sessions and training to take their ideas to the next level.  One of the scholars currently attending Watson is Achraf Khallouli from Tunisia who is hoping to launch his idea for a new social network, iDook, which means Ideas Book.



“The problem that we are solving is the fact that sometimes you need to get information on (the) internet, but you need it from a human being, you don’t need it from a web page. You don’t want to go to Wikipedia or Quora or Reddit but you need someone who’s knowledgeable enough to give you real time information. Our social network wants to connect you with that person who can give you that information and the model we use is we try to attract retired people who have a lot of knowledge but they are not using it and no one is interacting with them and getting this information. And we want to connect them with the younger generation, mainly the millennials so they can get this information.”

Contact Achraf at khallouliachraf@gmail.com