Rallies Around Colorado Denouncing Trump’s National Emergency for Border Wall

A coalition of social justice, immigrant advocacy and civil liberties groups gathered at the state capital today at noon for a rally denouncing Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the US southern border.

The event was organized by the American Civil Liberties union of Colorado. The ACLU last Friday announced its plans to sue Trump over the national emergency declaration.



One of the speakers was Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser who yesterday announced that  Colorado will join California and other states in a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall on the US Mexico border.  The director of communications for the AG told KDVR that Weiser has concluded that Colorado would be hurt by the president’s declaration with funds being shifted away from military installments in the state.

Similar protests took place in other communities around the metro area including in Longmont where people gathered at 6th and main. One of those in attendance was Sharri Malloy who participates in the weekly Longmont Leads with Love rallies that happen Saturday’s from 1-2pm.

“I woke up this morning and realized that it’s president’s day and this is where I needed to be because Donald Trump is the antithesis of what we would look for in a president and what our past presidents, especially our founding fathers and their mothers, have put in place. I’m very concerned about our country, our world, our democracy, the very fabric of all that’s good.”

Longmont City Council member Tim Waters was in attendance along with State Representative Jonathan Singer, who is running for Boulder County Commissioner and current county commissioner Deb Gardner as well as Marta Loachamin, a candidate for Boulder County Commissioner were in attendance.

People also gathered for rallies in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.


Photo Credits: Elena Klaver/Longmont Rally