Dior Exhibit Brings Record Crowds to Denver

The Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit is on view at the Denver Art Museum through March 17, 2019, and has seen record crowds flocking to see it. Florence Müller, the DAM Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art, Curator of Fashion gives KGNU her input as to why.



“First of all, fashion is something that we deal, all of us, we deal with fashion every day even though we don’t want to be fashionable. We have to be dressed up. Then, it’s an experience that everybody has every day, and it means that fashion is a form of expression that is seen as not frightening.”

As haute couture fashion shows aren’t typically open to the general public, Müller says an exhibition like the one in Denver allows people to get a long and close look at the outfits that are usually shown on the catwalk for just minutes at a time. This gives exhibitions like this a feeling of entering a secretive and private world often filled with beauty. Fashion exhibitions also give viewers a privileged look at the incredibly fragile outfits, as often after an exhibition the clothes are sleeved for long periods of time, sometimes permanently. “The beauty of fashion is linked to its fragility and the fact that it doesn’t last long.”

While some might find fashion to be frivolous,  Müller says it is in fact a serious topic that deserves respect. “People have this vision of frivolity because fashion is linked with feminism, it’s a female form of expression. Then, as it is not as male oriented, it’s seen as weak. It’s my way of dealing with this, you know, and I think that it comes from very far away.”

Florence Müller will be participating in the We Need to Talk panel discussion of honor happening at the Dairy Arts Center on Monday February 25th at 6pm.
We Need to Talk is a quarterly series of panel discussions between diverse and intriguing personalities concerning timely and important themes.
>All discussions are curated and moderated by Paul Cure. The other speakers at the February 25th event are: Sara Bercholz and Kate Maloney.
Listen to Florence Müller speak about honor: