Outsources: Trans Issues at the Mid-terms

The midterm elections are over—well except for several contests in which votes are still being recounted. Both before and during the midterm contests, a great deal has happened on the political level that has the potential for huge impacts on members of transgender communities. OutSources was eager to take an in-depth look at what’s been going on for trans folks during this time of upheaval. There are bad stories and good stories, and we wanted to discuss both sorts.

Join hosts Glenda Russell and Janis Bohan as they visit with K. Woodzick, who agreed to share their perceptions about the political circumstances for transgender members of our communities.

Woodzick is a doctoral student in CU’s Department of Theater and Performance Studies. They describe theirself as a feminist, actor, writer, producer, and arts marketer. Woodzick has been described by one of their acting colleagues as a “Theatrical Mustang.” They actively work to make communities more inclusive of gender diversity, and they are a founder of “The Non-binary Monologues Project.”

Listen in to find out what that is … and much more about trans issues mid-way through this particular presidential term.


More details about Woodzick and their various projects.