A Home in Haiti

For nearly two years — since the 2016 election — we have been doing a series of shows on allies — discussing the importance of allies, what motivates and sustains people’s work as allies, and the impacts they have.

We’ve focused on a wide range of allies, trying to to highlight the underlying connections among these situations – the fact that we’re really all in this together, and targeting any group amounts to targeting all groups.

Recently, we came upon a real-life ally story, one that captured our interest and our imagination. It’s a story about a place called “Vertile House.”

Vertile House is located in Haiti, and it provides wrap-around services to young people who were orphaned or abandoned in the various catastrophes that have befallen that island nation in recent years.

This is such a great story of allyship, we decided to invite the people involved to share it with us.

Join hosts Janis Bohan and Glenda Russell for a conversation with Rico and Meredith Changeux, the dreamers behind Vertile House.