The Truth Has Changed

The Truth Has Changed is a new performance piece, a one man show by Josh Fox the film maker behind Oscar-nominated Gasland, a documentary on the impact of fracking. Fox is on tour with the show around the US in support of progressive candidates ahead of the mid term elections. He’ll be in Boulder at eTown hall on Tuesday September 25th.



Fox says he’s been working on this performance piece for about 2 years and that it traces his life as a reporter through a lot of really significant events in American history that he happened to be at the front lines for.

“So it starts with 9/11 and takes us through Hurricane Sandy, obviously through the Iraq war, the fracking wars, the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Convention, the platform hearings, which I was a part of, the platform committee for the Democrats and then to Standing Rock. But along the way and really writing and investigating this piece and how I was going to be thinking about it, I realized that there’s a through line in American history that goes parallel to my personal journey, it goes right down the center of my being, which is that for 5 or 10 long years, starting in 2008, the right-wing attack machine, which is really spurred on by the oil and gas industry, has been attacking both me, my films, the fracking movement, the climate movement, climate science, the climate scientists, and that that right-wing smear and misinformation and propaganda machine are people that I know really, really well, because I’ve been followed around the country by them for a very long time. People like Steve Bannon, Andrew Breitbart when he was alive, and that ilk.”

The Tuesday performance of The Truth Has Changed is in support of Proxy.Vote and Liquid Democracy and will be followed by a discussion between Josh Fox and Nick Thomas, Independent candidate for Colorado’s Second Congressional District.