Lesbian Cruising to be Free

This show traces the morphing of Olivia Records (the first women-owned and women-focused record company) into a lesbian-focused travel company which utilizes its original recording stars and has drafted new ones over the decades. You will hear from staff about Sisters at Sea, solos, dance, special needs and more.


And you will hear from two experienced singer-songwriters, Cris Williamson and Sweet Baby Jai on their experience of performing and living with their audience.

Cris Williamson has been celebrated as a singer-songwriter focused on women through her 32 albums since her first album, Changer and the Changed, was produced by Olivia Records (Cris’ brainchild). Cris tours the acoustic circuit and lead song writing workshops throughout the world.




Sweet Baby Jai is an award winning, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, actress and the Artistic Director for the Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival. She has eight albums to her credit and tours the world as an acclaimed and versatile blues and jazz singer.

To bring it home we have local staff/guests with their perspectives. So sit back and cruise with us…on our way back from Norway to Holland on a cruise ship with 1300 lesbians.