Co-op Power Hour: Living in Community, from Co-housing to Manufactured Home Parks

We live in a time when housing is a defining asset. It is the main source of wealth for many people, but it was also part of the cause of the major economic crisis of our era.

Especially here in Colorado, housing costs have risen far faster than most people’s incomes. Here and elsewhere, people have been turning to cooperative models as a way to turn the tide—or even survive. On this show, we look at two innovative strategies for a more sustainable future of housing.

We hear from Karin Hoskin, executive director of the Co-housing Association of the United States, who lives in one of Boulder County’s several co-housing communities.

Along with her we’re joined by Paul Bradley, President of ROC USA and a recent inductee in the Cooperative Hall of Fame for his work enabling residents of manufactured home communities to be owners of the land under their homes.



The Co-op Power Hour is a monthly production of the Colorado Co-operative Study Circle. It airs on the fourth Thursday of every month at 6pm on It’s the Economy.