Tech Talks: Sibinacocha Watershed Project Part 1

Today on Tech Talks we will be talking to a team that includes a local scientist, educators, and a high school student that worked together to develop a free, virtual reality experience using Google Expeditions.

Through the wonders of this cutting edge technology, classroom teachers and students from all over the globe will be able to join Preston Sowell, lead scientist with the non-profit, Sibinacocha Watershed Project, as he journeys up into the Peruvian Andes studying a high-alpine lake, Laguna Sibinacocha. Preston and his team investigate this area to document endangered wildlife.

By using Google Expeditions as a virtual learning tool, the project team hopes to bring more awareness to the environmental issues that face the region.


Host: Jilissa Macias, Keyri Andrade, Joana Valle, Students at Skyline High School. Talk Talks is produced by students at the Innovation Center of the Saint Vrain Valley Schools.