Rumi’s Gift


Ari Honarvar is a poet and performance artist who is originally from Iran. She came to the US as a refugee at the age of 14.

She says she was able to reconnect to her culture through the poetry of Rumi.

Ari has previously been on KGNU to talk about her performance project called Rumi with a View, and features readings of Rumi’s poetry in collaboration with music.

Her latest project is Rumi’s Gift, Oracle Cards and she’ll be speaking about them on Thursday Jun 7th at 7.30pm at the Boulder Bookstore.

Ari Honarvar recited some of the poetry featured on the cards in the KGNU studios, accompanied by the singing of Tricia Irby, with Musical Ambassadors of Peace.

Ari and Tricia will also appear on Friday June 8th at 7pm at the Broomfield Grange for a fundraiser for Musical Ambassadors of Peace.


Listen to Ari Honarvar and Tricia Irby: